Are You Mocking Me?


At the end of 2017 the “Post Truth Era” somehow emitted itself into the ether like bovine flatulence. Just like a cow passing gas, it stinks. The Mockery Times only cares about one thing -the truth. Opinion should be muddy, truth should be clear.

We can dress it up in bolo ties or Versace silk, whether it’s a falsehood, a misleading statement, or a fib at the end of the day it’s a lie. We’ve grown too comfortable with this to the point of mockery.

We’ve heard catchy little phrases like “Facts don’t care about your feelings” or “Alternative Facts” but the reality is that we live in a time where If there was ever a way to mock the truth, it’s never disguised itself so beautifully.

I’m a college student, and a full-time worker. Like many of you I digest podcasts, read the news, watch TV, and get the never-ending wave of notifications from everywhere. It’s nonstop. It’s hard to see the shoreline because the 24-hour news cycle is never ending and by the time you’ve finished swimming through one event, you’re still being pulled out to sea.

I’m going to tell you what I think, I’m going to present to you what different outlets are reporting, and I’ll do my best to draw a clear distinction where I have my bias.

This blog is for my class, but I can see it continuing after the class ends.

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