You’re A Dummy! No You Are!


I swear to god someone is punking all of us. Less than a month ago the talk of the country was that Trump deserved the Nobel Peace Prize for bringing North and South Korea to the table for talks of peace, even President Moon of South Korea said it. But now it seems that due to a series of what can only be described as a sophomoric attempt at world diplomacy, the summit that was slated for June 12th, is now cancelled.

It wasn’t enough that National Security Advisor John Bolton said that the United States was looking at the “Libyan model” on how to handle North Korea when looking at denuclearization -we all know how that ended. But now, apparently because some North Korean official calling Vice President Mike Pence a “political dummy”, the top negotiator of our country President Trump, has decided that North Korea has displayed “tremendous anger and open hositlity” towards the United States so no meeting will take place.

During World War II meetings took place between what was referred to back then as “the big 3”. This included President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Prime Minister Winston Churchill, and Josef Stalin from the former Soviet Union. It’s well documented that during these meetings jabs and barbs were sometimes muttered, but all 3 countries worked together to defeat the Nazis.

And now we have a president who behaves as if someone said something bad about a friend on Facebook and has decided to cancel the whole party.


As I type this up, an alert just came in from the Associated Press saying that “Trump says it’s ‘possible’ that North Korea summit happens June 12 or later, awaits ‘constructive’ steps from Kim”.

I’m telling you folks, we are being mocked, and the person mocking us all is our own president.

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