Civility? You First Trump.


A friend of mine asked me what I thought about the calls for civility in our modern day politics.  And while I’d say that I should be swayed by “the better angels of our nature”, I’m not stupid nor do I have a short memory.

Maxine Waters is being asked to apologize for her critical comments, by Paul Ryan -that apology is likely never to come.  Since this all went down there has been a lot of rabble about what to do and who is to blame on social media and each side has decided to point fingers at their opposite ends.

The truth is we reap what we sow.  Nothing that’s happened since the election has happened by pure random chance.  It’s been quite the opposite, decisions have been made and routes followed.

This current political climate matches the issue of climate change.  Until behavior changes, nothing will change and escalation will continue.  If that escalation boiling point is a rowdy townhall, public protests, and civil disobedience, I will not only support it, but will join in.

If it escalates to violence, ad hominem attacks, or violates the law, I will condemn it.

Those who are just now clutching their pearls, who remained silent when protestors went to Obama rallies with AR15s strapped to their backs and who said nothing when Trump campaigned should talk less about civility and reflect more in silence.

It is a fact that both of the current president’s press secretaries have lied, have obfuscated the truth, and have been dishonest with the American people.  When the people’s government does this, they should become as ungovernable as possible in legal ways.

There will be no civility until those in office follow their own words.  Corporations create a top down culture and government isn’t an exception to this rule.  The leader of the free world has helped in the creation of this political climate and his party has enabled him to continue down that path.  In my opinion he has and will continue to gas light Americans, so he should expect constant civil disobedience –and so should members of his administration and his party.

There are two things I will always condemn, lies because they make a mockery of the truth which hurts objective reality and violence because it solves nothing, and goes against what I value as an American.  Waters didn’t promote either.  Trump however has promoted both at his rallies and in his tweets.

Let’s not make a mockery of civility by asking people to do what we aren’t willing to  demand from all of our own president.  Their right of dissent through protest is already a civil action, so instead ask for better from the man occupying the highest office of the land and see if we can trigger a trickle down civility culture in our nation.

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