Another Shitty Donald Trump Concert


Watching Donald Trump Jr. open for his dad the day after Independence Day in Montana made me realize that being a grifter must be genetic.  The shtick of giving nicknames to the opposition, calling the media fake news, complimenting members of congress attending the rally who shouldn’t be in congress, and culminating with giving sycophantic praise to Junior’s dad all within 5 minutes of starting the WWE promo-esque rally has become the trademark of America’s biggest bunco family.

“When you look at what’s going on in this country right now, we’re winning for the first time in a long time,” said little Donny.  What does this even mean? Nothing.  Who’s in competition?  Nobody.  It means absolutely nothing.  It’s an empty comment with no need to back it with anything that holds relevance, it doesn’t live in reality it’s a cheap way of getting people to cheer.  “People in far off lands, who hate our guts, they hate our freedoms, they hate our religion, they hate everything about us,” he went on to say.

All within 10 minutes he performed perfectly to gin up the red hats.  The line that stuck with me the most was the one he used when talking about what he wants for his children, “I want to leave them an America that we know, that we’ve gotten used to, because the one I see on TV these days, it’s a foreign country.”  So that leads me to ask, what would resemble a non-foreign looking America?  What should America look like?

It’s a real mockery of civility when supporters, apologists, and “sometimes” Trumpers pretend that there’s no hidden -and sometimes overt- messag.  Little Trump’s performance was one long blow of the dog whistle -just like his daddy.

“The democrats want open borders which means, lots of crime,” said President Trump after he took the stage, ignoring the fact -not opinion- that native born Americans commit more murder and larceny than undocumented immigrants and legal immigrants.  But the cheers came anyway and like a composer (of lies) when he wanted the boos, he got them.

“A vote for the democrats come this November is a vote to let MS13 run wild in our communities,” the president told his crowd of devotees.  Forget the fact that MS13 makes up for less than 1 percent of the estimated 1.4 million gang members in the United States or that they’re concentrated in specific Hispanic communities.  The facts however don’t play with the empty story book he’s peddling to people who don’t read.

In an hour and a half rally two Trumps managed to play the greatest hits that so many love to hear.  The democrats want open borders, the media is fake, foreigners hate us, they want to kill you and take your jobs.  Yep, it had everything you’d expect, except truth and civility.  Here’s the thing though, unlike so many who want anyone who opposes the American dear leader to be civil, I’m not going to ask for that from the president or his clan because it’s not going to happen and frankly it doesn’t matter.

Instead I’m just looking at my calendar.  I’m helping to register as many people who are usually politically idle to vote for someone who doesn’t talk out of their ass so much, who are tired of being lied to, who have long memories and can’t wait to take revenge come election day.  What are you doing?

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