Reminder: Russia Is Not Our Friend, The FBI Is Not Our Enemy


President Trump doesn’t know how to win -or at least walk away with a W.  Back in March of this year Bloomberg reported that NATO had increased spending and you can argue that it’s because Trump has pushed for this from the get go -even though it happened on President Obama’s watch.  It wasn’t enough that math was on Trump’s side or that NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg praised his “leadership” for the increased spending.

But it’s par for the course really.  When you have a president who asks, “what good is NATO?” and shares that message with an army of online supporters who parrot his every thought with a quick retweet, it’s no surprise that we would treat allies like enemies and enemies like potential friends.

It is a complete mockery of the facts to ask why NATO even exists, why it’s important, and why we must remain in it.  The quick answer is that after the Nazis were defeated, the next threat was a hungry and ambitious Soviet Union that would have been the next menace to the whole of Europe and Asia.  It -NATO- was created with the spirit and the message that each member state would uphold -an attack on one is an attack on all.

By asking with the tone of dismissal about why NATO is important is to either not acknowledge history or to walk on a path of ignorance and arrogance.  Does NATO need to spend more?  Yes.  But that doesn’t mean that we dress down allies and ignore the facts.  When Trump does this he ignores a very real history and excites our adversaries.

On Monday the president will be meeting with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki -and I for one am worried. When our own president throws around the idea of walking away from NATO or “doing our own thing” Putin blushes.  Why?  Because the ex-KGB agent knows that NATO was created to stop leaders like him who may decide to annex territories -such is the case with Crimea.

In response to NATO, back in the 1950’s the Soviet Union created the Warsaw Pact.  It’s members were soviet satellites.  It fell apart in 1991 because the Iron Curtain was losing control, it was poorly funded and not united.  The mere fact that NATO existed at that time helped in driving that failure -and that, if you need reminding, is a good thing.

Russia is not our friend and the FBI is not our enemy.

Today Mueller indicted 12 Russians -all GRU officers from Russian intelligence.  His investigation has brought forth 5 guilty pleas and Paul Manafort is sitting in jail.  But if you watched the congressional hearing yesterday with Peter Strzok you would think that the FBI is the biggest danger we face as Americans.

Never mind that this new indictment is dripping with accusations that range from hacking the DCCC, massive phishing operations, stealing voter information of 500,000 American citizens -Peter Strzok singlehandedly affected the outcome of the election and the FBI is the puppet master of the deep state.

It is a mockery of reality that there is a lack of serious discussion about what the hell we’re going to do as a people to make sure that this year’s midterms are not hacked or compromised.  Those who continue to abandon the facts are living in an alternate reality and we will ultimately pay a steep price in the end.

Rudy Giuliani is one of those living in a magical land after calling for the Mueller investigation to end.  It is absurd and dangerous to listen to America’s mayor because it’s naïve and not in the country’s best interest.  He did the same thing after Peter Strzok testified in another tweet calling for the dismissal of the investigation -he cannot be taken seriously.  Either Russia is a threat and the investigation must continue or Putin is an ally to the president and it’s not Germany who has been “totally controlled” as Trump put it, but us, the divided states of America.  Regardless of which is true, Mueller must continue his work until he hits pay load.

If Trump meets with Putin on Monday, he must not ask if his intelligence service interfered, but he must be aggressive, forthright, and demand that those 12 officers be extradited to the United States for trial.  Anything less than that should be unacceptable for the American people to allow and the midterms should be a referendum on our squishy president.  It would be a grave misstep to dismiss this and at that point a signal that our democracy does not matter.  Russia must pay, and our president must act.

NATO must be bolstered and supported, Russia must be suppressed and chained to an oak before it chews up our democracy -demand action.

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