It’s Morning Again In America


It’s morning again in America.  Today more parents and children will go without seeing each other in our country.  With an inept Homeland Security Department that separated over 2,500 children, more than 700 will remain in government custody.  This afternoon, hundreds of parents will go another day without sharing a meal with their children, and with the trauma this American government has caused so far, they can count on an uncertain future.  It’s morning again in America, and under the inhumane leadership of President Trump, our country is more callous and coldhearted and worse.  Why would we ever want to return to where we were less than four short years ago?

President Ronald Reagan had a famous T.V. ad that ended with how much prouder, stronger, and better we were with him as president.  It ended with the last line I used in the first paragraph of this post.  I don’t pretend to know the ins and outs of every single administration and I’ve not ingested enough blue or red koolaid to call one party a godsend and the other a curse on this republic.  But I don’t negotiate my values and would ask that you don’t either.  We should not ignore what’s happened so far or begin to call it normal.

At the time that the zero tolerance policy was being enforced, migrants were offered self deport  options with the prospect of being reunited with their separated children.  It seems that the government lied, was too stupid or didn’t care to follow through with this option.  The word trump should change meaning from to higher rank something, to devastate something, such is the case with these families for they have in fact -under this new definition- been trumped by the administration.

Today when I woke up I thought about how many parents and how many of their children will not see each other for another day.  The possibility of some of these kids never seeing their parents again –it broke my heart.  At the same time I got an alert from the AP saying, “US economy surges to 4.1 percent growth rate in 2nd quarter, best showing since 2014”.  The juxtaposition that our country is in, it’s polarizing.

I’ve noticed that whenever this administration -in some cases the president himself- manages something recklessly, sympathizers and supporters of it shield their conscience with a good economy, low unemployment numbers, and other accolades that may never materialize beyond the abstract, they won’t be affected.  The mortal beings kept away from each other however are blood and bone, the tears they shed for their loved ones are real, the reality they face is real.

“This American carnage stops right here and stops right now.”  Donald Trump said this at his inaugural address.  So far it seems that he meant the opposite of what he proclaimed.  He forgot that people exist beyond our border, and he needs reminding.  Come November a litany of disasters are on the ballot.  Our American history isn’t only crafted by the good we’ve brought into this world; it’s forged with impurities so that we may build a more perfect nation.  We are living in a watershed moment, we can go one of two ways, we either hold accountable those who trespass on the cost of a human life, or we ignore it for higher return rates.

This moment has been one of the most embarrassing and shameless times of our nation’s history.  There’s no do over to prevent what happened.  But we can check this president and his administration by taking power away.  We can throw wrenches into plans that go against our moral values and vote for opposing parties to this government.  We either vote for candidates that will use every lever in congress to stop inhumane policy or we empower it by staying home and not voting.  It’s going to be morning in America again, it will be a time for choosing again, we cannot allow this human tragedy to happen again.

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