Omarosa: Trump is a Racist, World: Duh.


I’ve always hated reality television -just ask my wife.  Never in a million years would I have thought that a reality TV star would be the president of the United States.  Obviously it’s not just something left to the imagination, it’s now reality.  What I loathe most of all is that it’s not just the presidency that’s become a constant rerun of the same bad behavior but that it’s now extended into a spin off series called Omarosa.

Omarosa Manigault-Newman -whose name I had to google for spelling- is the latest embarrassment to profit from this dismal and unscrupulous administration.  On Sunday I listened to the podcast version of Meet the Press.  I cringed at the fact that this sideshow was now on a Sunday program that’s been a staple of the news since 1947.  She offered no new insights, no meaningful discoveries, and she only confirmed what the majority of Americans that have been paying attention already know  -the White House is a snake pit full of vipers in search of money, fame, or both.

Almost every person that has departed from the White House has either landed a cushy job in media, written a book, or has used their experience in the administration to pop up on cable TV.  Omarosa told us that president Trump is a racist, that he’s mentally in decline, and that Melania Trump is looking to divorce him after his presidency ends.  I know it sounds snarky -and I don’t care- but who the hell doesn’t think this already that reads the news and pays attention to current events?

Have I listened to the recordings that Omarosa made public of her firing?  Well, duh, who doesn’t like watching a train wreck?  I, like you am not shocked that a reality star betrayed another reality star’s trust all for self-gain.  Wasn’t betrayal one of the elements that made “The Apprentice” a success after all?

Let’s be clear, Trump is dealing with this because Trump made it possible.  His staff has been rife with a lack of decorum, unabashed disregard for protocol and each person who’s had a job in his orbit has been reflecting exactly what Trump is –a self-serving, dishonest, dodgy, loud mouth with the braggadocio of someone who cares more about image, than substance.

Needless to say I won’t be buying Omarosa’s book, Sean Spicer’s book, Anthony Scaramucci’s book when it comes out, or anyone else’s book that was complicit in all of the lie peddling and who huckstered deceit door to door like cheap Tupperware.

I dreaded writing about this lady today because it feels like I’m at the buffet with all the other chum feeders.  But you know what my ultimate message is?  Don’t buy the book.  Don’t buy any books written by those who fed us lies day in and day out all in the name of protecting an inept president.  They shouldn’t be rewarded.  They deserve to be remembered as fabricators who mocked truth, who then opted to profit from their contribution in the destruction of objective reality.

Omarosa said that Trump was “too real for the Republican party, she went on The View and proudly went on as a token exclaiming that she wasn’t being used for optic reasons -she was- and now admits she was complicit in deflecting Trump’s racism.  She had an opportunity to speak about the misogyny and bigoted behavior that then candidate Trump exuded throughout this campaign with Wolf Blitzer but she did nothing.  And now she wants to sell a tell all book?  Hard pass.

Do not mistake my criticism of her and her made for Hollywood manuscript of The Apprentice: White House Edition as a dismissal or pardon for the morally bankrupt crew of thugs that occupy the people’s house, because I’m never going to forget what they’ve done as long as I live -and neither should you.

Not all books are worth reading, some of them should be burned -including this one.  Atop that pile, this one and The Art of the Deal should sit side by side, burning together.

One thought on “Omarosa: Trump is a Racist, World: Duh.

  1. I was thinking of buying the book, but you presented a perspective that has changed my mind.

    Well written but I really appreciate the perspective.


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