Cohen Has A Gun And It’s Pointed At Trump


I went to the Starbucks near my office today to buy a copy of the “failing” New York Times –as President Trump would call it. “Pleading Guilty, Cohen Implicates President” reads the front page of the 166 year old newspaper. If this leading headline is jarring on its own then Trump’s personal lawyer saying in court that he paid women “In coordination with and at the direction of a candidate for federal office” is nothing short of earth shattering.

The recording that the president’s once personal attorney produced wherein they discussed payments to women that Trump had affairs with, Cohen’s allocution in court where he said under oath that he made said payments at the behest of “The Donald”, both of these things are in complete contradiction to Rudy Giuliani’s position that “truth isn’t truth”. Cohen’s admission under oath is nothing short of damning. Trump’s goons can’t even say that what was said in court yesterday was fabricated for a deal because there is no deal on the table.

At Trump’s inaugural address he said that this American carnage would stop right here and right now, but has it really? David Frum at The Atlantic put it best, “The country now faces the choice between the Trump presidency and the rule of law.” For all the bloviating bluster that Trump spewed in January of 2017 he went in the opposite direction of the rule of law since even before becoming president. He committed crimes before he was elected to office and if we truly value the rule of law, then guess what that makes Trump? A criminal and criminals should be prosecuted.

Yesterday’s barrage of shells that were directly aimed at this administration and it’s titular head took only a brief pause. After the mortars cooled down a new target was selected. Michael Cohen has now been subpoenaed in the Trump Foundation probe. The man who said he would take a bullet for the president is now brandishing a Tommy Gun. He’s going to talk and won’t accept a pardon from his once master.

I know that Manafort and Cohen dominated cable news but these aren’t the only two things that happened yesterday. Rep. Chris Collins (NY) and Rep. Duncan Hunter (CA) have both been indicted on counts of insider trading and misusing campaign funds, respectively. Collins was the first member of congress to endorse Trump –Hunter was the second. The GOP is going to suffer a huge loss this coming midterm cycle and these two “beauties” are going to help in that defeat –they will both remain on the ballot.

We are in the revival era of Watergate and it’s got the speed of broadband attached to it. August is just about over and the November midterms are coming. I don’t see any light at the end of this tunnel for those Representatives, Senators, and enablers of this administration and I personally believe that the upcoming election will be a career ender for a thick swath of sycophants currently serving the public. History won’t be kind to those who turned a blind eye to the unscrupulous president we ended up with in this country.

An un-indcited co-conspirator is living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and now the question is where are the profiles in courage? When will those medical miracles born without spines break with the president and realize that the damned country is on fire?

For those of you who once supported Trump that are now beginning to wipe the muck off your eyes, glad you’re awake now. Will you vote for an actual check and balance in DC? I’m asking you to put down the political tribalism and vote this November for members of congress and the senate who will hold this president accountable.

Choose the rule of law, it is the glue that holds our nation together.

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