Mia Love Is Blocking Her Constituents On Facebook


We are officially in election season.  I know this because Mia Love has decided to shut down her critics by blocking them on Facebook.  She’s blocked my fellow constituents and I from commenting on her campaign’s Facebook page because apparently asking hard questions and expressing our displeasure over funds raised for a primary that never happened -funds that received an FEC violation– are redlines.  So shut up and go away.

But like it or not, we aren’t going anywhere.  Some of us -including yours truly- have filed complaints with the ACLU.  You see, since her campaign page says it’s for a government official and not a candidate, because it allows for constituent tags, and because Love also posts policy positions on her page we should be allowed to comment and take part in the discussion.  She represents all of the constituents in her district after all –doesn’t she?

If you’re a constituent, and you’ve been blocked you should consider taking the same course of action and submit a complaint with the ACLU.

I’ve never threatened, disparaged, or insulted the congresswoman so I’m not sure why I’ve been suppressed.  The only thing I’m guilty of is asking questions and sharing my opinion on positions she’s taken in the past.  My guess is that she’s trying to align herself with our dear leader Trump since he’s blocked people in the past from commenting and sharing their displeasure –it was found to be unconstitutional.

It happened about 3 days ago when I noticed the only option I had was to “share” her posts but not comment or react to any of them.  This morning on my drive to work I called her office and spoke with Deputy District Director Barry McLerran.  Before I told him about being blocked I said that I knew he was going to tell me that the staff has nothing to do with the campaign page to which he responded in the affirmative and let me know he would “pass along” my comments.

Do you know what this has done to me?  It’s ruined my weekend.  Instead of sleeping in tomorrow, I’m going to have to canvass in my neighborhood for Ben McAdams.  I can’t in good conscience let someone try -and fail- at silencing me when I have questions that need answers and issues that need addressing.  So I guess it’s a mixed blessing because it’s inspired me to hit the pavement and knock on some doors.

I hope those who were also honored by having their name on the naughty list do the same.  Let’s flip the fourth.

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