Mia Love – Liar, Thief, & Unashamed


I don’t think Mia Love knows we’re paying attention -or that the internet exists. Like some snake oil peddler Love is marketing an elixir to you and I dear reader that tastes shoddier than it smells! I know what you’re thinking, “Donald you’ve had one too many beers.” And to that I say, yeah maybe. But come now, it’s one thing to be slapped in the face by a hand -yet another to have someone grip onto a stinky rotten bottom feeder and have it dragged across your face from one cheek to the other.

Her behavior stinks. She’s blocked a good number of people from her campaign page just because they questioned her or poked at her absence in the district. This however is just symptomatic of a bigger problem. Let’s see what she’s done this campaign season, shall we?

She never had a primary opponent, yet she raised over a million bucks to fight off some nonexistent toothless tiger and violated FEC rules. The Salt Lake Tribune’s Lee Davidson said on last week’s Behind The Headlines radio show with Roger McDonough exactly why Love raised the money -because she knew she’d get away with it.

For the FEC to formally rule against her and face criminal charges it would take the majority ruling of a six-member commission to vote unanimously against her but right now there are two vacant seats. What does this mean? It means that all four of the current members would need to vote the same. She knows the chances of that happening would be tough. She doesn’t care about honesty, she cares about the Vegas odds of her getting away with it -and they’re in her favor.

Let me be clear, I don’t blame the commission, I blame her. This lies at the feet of leadership. Every organization in this great country creates a top down culture. Love’s culture is made of rubber. There’s no other explanation on how Dave Hansen -her campaign manager- can deflect and rebound any criticism of her bad behavior. Hansen called this a, “normal thing”, and that, “we have a unique system here in the state.”

What else is going on?

Let’s look at Don and Marilyn Remington. These octogenarians -it means they’re in their 80s- were blown away at the fact that their images were swiped from a Ben McAdams advert and utilized in a sinister and disingenuous commercial proffered and approved by Mr. Hansen. But again Mr. Rubber has an explanation for this too…

“This complaint is nothing more than a political ploy by the McAdams campaign to file as many false claims as possible,” Hansen said. He can’t fathom the thought that two people who said, “I would never vote for Love. I support McAdams because he is honest”, would mean it. It’s all political for Love and her underlings. Honesty be damned, it’s all about the means to an end.

So let’s recap so far. Love raised money illegally and used elderly people -without their consent- for an attack ad.

Ok fine, I’m picking on her… or am I? Love sent a mailer in August of this year where she attributed The Salt Lake Tribune but it turned out it was an opinion piece written by her –it was paid for by tax payers. Ready to not be shocked? She did this in her last election when she ran against Doug Owens. KUTV reported in October of 2016 that a mailer had gone out to her own district boasting and bragging about the wonderful job she was doing in Washington -also paid by you and I.

Mia Love does not care about the rules because apparently, they don’t apply to her and to date she’s not been met with any consequences. Love spent $127,544.24 on mailers alone from January 2015 to June 2016 -how many families in her district would have benefited from that money?

The more I research and the more I find, the more pissed off I become at the fact that Love simply cares about winning and it doesn’t matter to her how she does it.

Back in November of 2017 I wrote a commentary piece for The Salt Lake Tribune where I pointed out that Love’s majority of votes came from Salt Lake County -remind me who’s the mayor there? Love is breaking the rules and hitching McAdams to the Clinton wagon in her desperate emails where she begs for donations because the reality is, she can easily lose this thing.

Like I said, she hasn’t been held to account for her abysmal behavior by the FEC, state regulators or even her own conscience. But that doesn’t mean we can’t do something about it on election day -which I’ll remind you is on November 6th. It’s time we vote out dishonest politicians like Mia Love and vote in Ben McAdams since it’s obvious who’s campaigning on an honest message.

3 thoughts on “Mia Love – Liar, Thief, & Unashamed

  1. I wish you would’ve added the anti lgbt stuff she said in response to Ben being pleased with the marriage equality ruling. I don’t hate her because she’s black or a woman. I hate her because she’s a shady, bigoted rule-breaker who is absent from her constituency


  2. Another finely written piece, Donald. There is so much that can be written about this campaign, especially the lack of representation we have from Mia Love. Keep it up.


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