Opinion: Senate Will Only Confirm Doubt


Usually mob bosses buy their judges but lack the ability to nominate, protect, and ultimately appoint them.  President Trump, like a cheap, orange skinned fugazi paper Don tweeted out, “The Senate must vote!”  In the same message he said that, “Judge Kavanaugh showed America exactly why I nominated him.”  Indeed he did, unfortunately for us it showed us the face of a man who smirked like a proud frat boy about his last kegger and who hid behind the thin veneer of piety in his tears.

It was no surprise this morning that all 11 Republican members of the Senate Judiciary Committee voted in the affirmative to take Kavanaugh’s nomination to a full Senate vote –it was however a craven moment in our nation.  Like good little soldiers of the pussy grabbing executive all of them moved on this Supreme Court Justice seat like a bitch.  I hope you remember this come November 6th because this further proves the point, elections have consequences.

Like many of you I heard the testimony from both Ford and Kavanaugh.  I’ll tell you right now, I don’t know what happened.  I heard a woman traumatized and her allegations of a drunken and aggressive Kavanaugh were compelling.  I listened to a tearful and outraged Kavanaugh defend his name, his reputation, and his future.  Since I do not know enough of the facts I can’t make a decision.  Due to my indecision I would need to know more, and to know more an investigation should proceed and the nomination process should come to a halt.

I took notice at the fact that both Republican senators and Kavanaugh parroted the same political hit job claims, that this was revenge for losing the presidential election and that ultimately the Clintons somehow are sitting in a backroom shrouded by ominous smoke as they pull the marionette strings of Washington.  I am not too imaginative or too far removed from reality to accept this as a true account of the current set of events before me.

The country has been divided since the presidential election ended and this Supreme Court nomination is another wedge in the deep dark ridge that will continue to split Americans further and further apart from each other.

Posit this, we do not truly know what happened, we are only left with doubt after the testimony provided.  If/When Judge Kavanaugh is confirmed that doubt will follow.  That doubt will rot the planks that support and hold the Senate Judiciary Committee up, it will corrode the steel beams that are the structure and framework of the Supreme Court and will no doubt toxify further the daily conversations between Americans.

We need closure as spectators to this horrific event that’s taken hold of so many on each side.  The only way to even to attempt -not guarantee- the process of conclusion is to gather answers to questions that investigators must be tasked with.  But for that, partisanship must die, and the FBI should chase this down.

Senators should amplify their voices through the media not to fight for their political ideology through the confirmation of one man but instead should be unified in seeking the truth.  Otherwise the only thing being confirmed with their votes is the doubt that we as Americans feel at this very moment.

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