Who Does Mia Love Serve? The People Or Sheldon Adelson?

Every single American knows that our campaign finance laws create legalized bribery, a quid pro quo that leaves our representatives totally beholden to people who ARE NOT their constituents -but absolutely their masters.

Who are these masters?


Now here’s a fella by the name of Sheldon Adelson.

  • He’s a billionaire and big backer of President Trump and the GOP
  • He made his money -$35bn- from casinos
  • He received a $670m tax cut LAST YEAR thanks to Republicans
  • This year he gave $30m to Paul Ryan’s PAC to re-elect house Republicans
  • He also gave $25m to the Senate

What does this have to do with Utah or the CD4 race between Mia Love and Ben McAdams?

The very PAC I’m talking about just spent ANOTHER $1 million on the race to help mediocre Mia keep her job.

Now even if the million she received didn’t directly come from Adelson, she took benefit from the same piggy bank he padded with his money -you think this doesn’t buy him favors? He will expect a return on his investment -because $670m wasn’t enough- and Love knows this.

One million dollars Adelson can claim came from him, which places Love where? In his back pocket. It’s worth mentioning he also contributed thousands of dollars directly to Love.

This demands the question:

How much loyalty will she owe Adelson after receiving money from his gambling den empire if she keeps her job? No doubt she would owe the house big time and would sell out her district if -more likely when- favors are called in. Do you feel lucky enough to take that bet? I for one don’t think it’s a gamble any of us should consider.

Now I’m a convert to the LDS church and I’m an immigrant. Love and I share in our religion and our immigrant backgrounds -she’s the daughter of Haitians after all. I would remind her of the following verse in the new testament as was said at the Sermon on the Mount.

Matthew 6:24 –

“No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.”

So who does she serve? The people or a glorified pit boss? She can’t succor both in times of need and last I checked neither you or I have a million dollar credit with her -but Adelson does.

It’s nothing new that representative Love has played up her membership in the LDS Church -which runs on a morality platform.

But Love willingly accepts the wages of sin to buy TV time and keep her job, all in an effort to pummel her opponent with negative ads. No doubt she must approve those messages and also their funding so what does that say about her?

Most LDS Church members wouldn’t work for a casino, wouldn’t gamble, and wouldn’t take money raised off vice -but Love seems to turn the other cheek to this moral paradox.

Why should we be OK with those in high office taking money from immoral sources for the sole purpose of buying their seat in congress? For the purpose of drowning out the thousands of Utahns that contribute what they can in time and money to campaigns?

This “cafeteria religion” annoys the heck out of me, because of it’s à la carte nature -picking and choosing which parts of your religion are important and which you will set aside for personal convenience.

I like many of you have been paying attention to her behavior, and I just can’t ignore example after example of her being fine with playing it fast and loose with those she claims to represent.

We must hold our leaders to a higher moral code or at the very least hold them to walk the walk of their own talk.

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