Mia Love Held 85 Townhalls -Just Kidding She Lied


Remember when Mia love held 85 townhall meetings with her constituents? You don’t? Yeah me either. But that’s what she said at the debate on Monday. How do I know this isn’t fake news? Because I was there when she said it –the guy next to me laughed out loud when she said it.

I follow her on Facebook and if you go to her events section you’ll find just one past event. You’d think that someone who proclaimed to have held so many public and open meetings that there would be some form of a trail to follow, but there is none because she simply didn’t hold any public townhalls. The Deseret News had reported in August of 2017 that she hadn’t held one in 628 days and now it’s closer to 1,100 days. If you visit her website you’ll find just five events listed –one of them is a softball game she played in.

This morning I called her office in West Jordan from my cellphone and like usual they didn’t answer -when they do they greet me by name- so I called right back with *67 and to my surprise a staffer answered. They told me they didn’t know of a list where I can refer to see the 85 townhalls but referred me to her campaign office since this was a claim made by the campaign side of the house.

I asked for the phone number and they were kind enough to give it to me, so I called them next. Dana answered and when I asked her where I could look up the 85 townhalls, she said she’d call me back once she got more information for me and that they recently held a resources for veterans meeting –is that a townhall?

In my own experience -and in most of those who live in CD4- no such open meetings have occurred. In November and December of 2017 Love had an open office meeting the same week of the Thanksgiving and cancelled her December meeting. When her constituents offered a citizen’s townhall she declined to show up. When she held a meeting on August 1 of 2017 -a Tuesday afternoon- she explained why she wasn’t having townhalls –she feared for her safety.

Regardless of the fact that her counterparts have all held townhalls and no one has been attacked, accosted or murdered Love claims that her constituents are dangerous. The people of CD4 should have had an open and public townhall scheduled on a reasonable day with a reasonable time –not a Tuesday afternoon when everyone is working.

Here’s the thing, the pouring of salt on a wound like this is just insulting. I guarantee I won’t be getting a call back from her campaign office, no list of 85 townhalls will be provided, and on top of that her claim will go unchallenged –some people might even believe her.

Ben McAdams on the other hand has already proven that he not only has the capacity to listen, but that he takes action -he held a heated townhall over the Olympia Hills development after all and vetoed the project. But instead of Love seeing the value of meeting her constituents, what did she do at the debate? She tried marring him -keyword tried- by saying that the reason he didn’t know about the meetings was because he doesn’t live in the district. Well I, and over 700,000 others do live in CD4 and none of us received any notice of her 85 townhall meetings –because they simply did not happen.

Here’s what you should do, you should call her campaign office yourself and ask for the same information I did. Their office number is (801) 890-4355, you should ask for a list or a place of reference so you can confirm the truthfulness of Love’s declaration and once you find this elusive pot of gold you should enlighten us all. Personally I think you’ll be more likely to find a leprechaun than a list of meetings, but hey maybe you’ll have better luck than did.

*Correction made. Previous version of this article stated Mia Love hadn’t held a townhall in 1,500 days. That number is closer to 1,100 days. A redditor alerted me and the correction was made the same day. The Mockery Times admits when it’s wrong because it’s the right thing to do*

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