Out of State, Out of Touch, & Out of Time

Representative Mia Love of Utah’s fourth district has a hometown problem and is running out of time to turn it around. Love ran on bringing positive change to DC but as with so many before her she has become part of the problem. Her campaign funding e-mails have been viciously derogatory of the Democratic Party … Continue reading Out of State, Out of Touch, & Out of Time

Liars Say They’ll Pass Medical Marijuana -Sounds Like A Lie

Only a sucker would believe that lawmakers will do something to address medical marijuana if Proposition 2 fails or barely squeaks by on Election Day.  Just a couple days ago a “compromise” was reached between members of the state legislature, the LDS Church, and Libertas but there is absolutely nothing guaranteeing that anything will be … Continue reading Liars Say They’ll Pass Medical Marijuana -Sounds Like A Lie

Mia Love – Liar, Thief, & Unashamed

I don’t think Mia Love knows we’re paying attention -or that the internet exists. Like some snake oil peddler Love is marketing an elixir to you and I dear reader that tastes shoddier than it smells! I know what you’re thinking, “Donald you’ve had one too many beers.” And to that I say, yeah maybe. … Continue reading Mia Love – Liar, Thief, & Unashamed

Ghorbani Fights Like A Girl… And Wins

Shireen Ghorbani showed up to Dixie State University ready to debate with a disarming smile and poise that helped her deliver responses with confidence.   It wasn’t just the thousands who watched the debate that were captivated by her skillful way of putting what she stands for front and center even Rep. Chris Stewart agreed with … Continue reading Ghorbani Fights Like A Girl… And Wins

Mia Love Is Blocking Her Constituents On Facebook

We are officially in election season.  I know this because Mia Love has decided to shut down her critics by blocking them on Facebook.  She’s blocked my fellow constituents and I from commenting on her campaign’s Facebook page because apparently asking hard questions and expressing our displeasure over funds raised for a primary that never … Continue reading Mia Love Is Blocking Her Constituents On Facebook

Someone Change The King’s Diaper

In 1690 Benjamin Harris published the first American newspaper.  Four days later his paper was shut down by the government.  Granted this was during a time when America wasn’t America but a colony of then motherland England. Before the age of “FAKE NEWS!” we had the following, "I thank God, there are no free schools … Continue reading Someone Change The King’s Diaper

Cohen Has A Gun And It’s Pointed At Trump

I went to the Starbucks near my office today to buy a copy of the “failing” New York Times –as President Trump would call it. “Pleading Guilty, Cohen Implicates President” reads the front page of the 166 year old newspaper. If this leading headline is jarring on its own then Trump’s personal lawyer saying in … Continue reading Cohen Has A Gun And It’s Pointed At Trump

Omarosa: Trump is a Racist, World: Duh.

I’ve always hated reality television -just ask my wife.  Never in a million years would I have thought that a reality TV star would be the president of the United States.  Obviously it’s not just something left to the imagination, it’s now reality.  What I loathe most of all is that it’s not just the … Continue reading Omarosa: Trump is a Racist, World: Duh.

Mia Love, Unavailable and Untruthful

I hope Mia Love watched the race tonight in Ohio’s 12th congressional district.  This conglomerate of 7 counties went for President Trump by 11 points and has been in Republican control for almost 40 years but after absentee ballots are counted this could change -the GOP candidate holds a .9% lead with 100% reporting from … Continue reading Mia Love, Unavailable and Untruthful

The Forgotten American, Still Forgotten

It Can’t Happen Here by Sinclair Lewis predicted a Donald Trump before Donald Trump was even born.   In 1935 Lewis explored the rise of fascism in America.  The book he wrote dripped with satire and mocked events that, well, captured what Trumpism was, before Trumpism was even and ism. Berzelius “Buzz” Windrip comes to power … Continue reading The Forgotten American, Still Forgotten