Those Who Opposed, Did Not Read Prop 2

Like many of you I read the position of the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints yesterday. They stand in opposition of Proposition 2 for medical marijuana. I read their message and their concerns. They listed a 7 page “legal analysis” and concluded with a list of the different names and organizations that … Continue reading Those Who Opposed, Did Not Read Prop 2

Mia Love, Unavailable and Untruthful

I hope Mia Love watched the race tonight in Ohio’s 12th congressional district.  This conglomerate of 7 counties went for President Trump by 11 points and has been in Republican control for almost 40 years but after absentee ballots are counted this could change -the GOP candidate holds a .9% lead with 100% reporting from … Continue reading Mia Love, Unavailable and Untruthful