Mia Love Held 85 Townhalls -Just Kidding She Lied

Remember when Mia love held 85 townhall meetings with her constituents? You don’t? Yeah me either. But that’s what she said at the debate on Monday. How do I know this isn’t fake news? Because I was there when she said it –the guy next to me laughed out loud when she said it. I … Continue reading Mia Love Held 85 Townhalls -Just Kidding She Lied

Omarosa: Trump is a Racist, World: Duh.

I’ve always hated reality television -just ask my wife.  Never in a million years would I have thought that a reality TV star would be the president of the United States.  Obviously it’s not just something left to the imagination, it’s now reality.  What I loathe most of all is that it’s not just the … Continue reading Omarosa: Trump is a Racist, World: Duh.

It’s Morning Again In America

It’s morning again in America.  Today more parents and children will go without seeing each other in our country.  With an inept Homeland Security Department that separated over 2,500 children, more than 700 will remain in government custody.  This afternoon, hundreds of parents will go another day without sharing a meal with their children, and … Continue reading It’s Morning Again In America

Another Shitty Donald Trump Concert

Watching Donald Trump Jr. open for his dad the day after Independence Day in Montana made me realize that being a grifter must be genetic.  The shtick of giving nicknames to the opposition, calling the media fake news, complimenting members of congress attending the rally who shouldn’t be in congress, and culminating with giving sycophantic … Continue reading Another Shitty Donald Trump Concert