Wanna Blow Something Up? Then Vote!

Fellow American, you and I are under attack -we are under the barrage of heavy artillery!!! The stovepipes pointed at us are comprised of wickedly devastating ordinance and armament. The rainmakers are launching apathy, laziness, and a false sense of security!!! You are the only defense. You will need to pick up arms –you are … Continue reading Wanna Blow Something Up? Then Vote!

Opinion: Senate Will Only Confirm Doubt

Usually mob bosses buy their judges but lack the ability to nominate, protect, and ultimately appoint them.  President Trump, like a cheap, orange skinned fugazi paper Don tweeted out, “The Senate must vote!”  In the same message he said that, “Judge Kavanaugh showed America exactly why I nominated him.”  Indeed he did, unfortunately for us … Continue reading Opinion: Senate Will Only Confirm Doubt

Cohen Has A Gun And It’s Pointed At Trump

I went to the Starbucks near my office today to buy a copy of the “failing” New York Times –as President Trump would call it. “Pleading Guilty, Cohen Implicates President” reads the front page of the 166 year old newspaper. If this leading headline is jarring on its own then Trump’s personal lawyer saying in … Continue reading Cohen Has A Gun And It’s Pointed At Trump

Mia Love, Unavailable and Untruthful

I hope Mia Love watched the race tonight in Ohio’s 12th congressional district.  This conglomerate of 7 counties went for President Trump by 11 points and has been in Republican control for almost 40 years but after absentee ballots are counted this could change -the GOP candidate holds a .9% lead with 100% reporting from … Continue reading Mia Love, Unavailable and Untruthful